Disc-O-Bed Large Outfitter - Special Edition with Organizers

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Your outdoor experience, elevated.

The special edition Outfitter bunk takes one of our best selling bunks, and improves on it to help you reach maximum comfort with maximum utility.  

Whether you are camping in the back country or hosting family and friends for the night, you can rest easy knowing everyone will be comfortable. When space is at a premium the Outfitter Bunk is exactly what your need, giving you a supportive and comfortable sleep - wherever your adventures may take you.

This versatile, ready-to-go bunkable cot - with its patented lock-in disc system - makes for an easy, one person assembly that is tool-free and only takes a few minutes to set up using the step by step instructions. Good to know that the Disc-O-Bed Outfitter also fits a broad range of tents and dome structures commonly used in recreational camping.

With the included set of stack adaptors you are able to place one cot on the other, so to maximize the number of sleepers per square foot. By quick action the system can be converted into a sitting bench during the day, a bunk or alternatively two single cots at night. Simply put, the Disc-O-Bed Outfitter offers you one system with many options – you get to choose.

The robust, anti-rust steel frame has been engineered for durability and flexibility, providing a level sleeping surface even on uneven terrain. Unlike traditional cots on the market today the Disc-O-Bed Outfitter has no mid bar to get in-between you and a great night’s sleep.

The high grade 900D polyester sleeping deck provides a fit which conforms to your body shape for true contoured comfort. Wider than most cots, the sleep surface is PVC coated, water resistant and requires no mattress. With a tried and tested weight tolerance of 500lbs - per single cot it is easily washed down using a non-abrasive cloth/sponge, a mild detergent and cold water.  Simply air dry is all that is needed. It also features head and footrest flaps to keep pillows in place.

The Disc-O-Bed Outfitter disassembles quickly with all loose parts stowed away into two zippered, canvas carry bags. The parts are securely fastened within the bag to ensure for its ultimate compact, neat and convenient storage and transportation.  

The two included side organizers connect easily to the sleeping deck using the simple hook and loop system. The organizers include a number of zippered sleeves and pockets to accommodate water bottles, reading and writing materials, a flashlight, keys, an electronic device and any other items you may need. A longer sleeve is also provided to accommodate either a riffle or fishing rod. 

To alleviate ground sinking, the end frame has been rounded so to protect floors or tent floor surfaces and add to overall stability of the bunk system. With the bunk being off the ground you will have plenty additional storage space under the bunk should it be needed.

Additional add on accessories are available separately to enhance your sleeping experience. 

We didn’t invent sleeping under the stars, we just made it a whole lot better.


  • Same size as our Disc-O-Bed L, with the same impressive weight tolerance of 500 lbs per single cot
  • Head and footrest flaps keep pillows in place
  • Includes 2 webbed side organizers for simple storage of small personal items
  • Fits in a broad range of tents to improve your recreational camping experience
  • Rounded bed end frame increases bunk stability and prevents damage to floor surfaces
  • Patented disc-system allows for quick, tool-free assembly.
  • Easily converts from bunk, to bench, to 2 single cots.



  • 2 Single black frame cots
    • 2 Rounded end frames (for bottom cot)
    • 2 Straight end frames (for top cot)
    • 2 Polyester mats
    • 8 Black discs
    • 8 Swaged side rails
    • 4 Straight side rails
    • 4 Square foot plugs
    • 2 Locking straps
  • 2 Canvas carry bags
  • 2 Side organizers
  • 4 Stack adaptors



Black, powder coated anti rust steel frame

900D Polyester PU Coated Sleeping Deck


Bunk Weight                60lbs (27kg)

Weight Tolerance        500lbs (227kg) – per single cot

Outer Dimensions       82” (208cm) L x 32.5” (82.5cm) W x 36” (92cm) H

Sleep Area                   79” (201cm) L x 28” (70cm) W

Height of Bottom Cot   11” (29cm)

Height of Top Cot        32” (81cm)

Bag Dimensions          32.5” (82.5cm) L x 15” (38cm) W x 5” (14cm) H