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Are you able to clean the Disc-O-Bed®?

Do you need a ladder to get onto the top bunk?

Are you able to roll off the cot?

Are single parts of the Disc-O-Bed® available should I misplace or lose one of them?

Is the Disc-O-Bed® guaranteed?

Is there an age restriction in using the Disc-O-Bed®?

Can you sleep two adults on one cot?

Does the Disc-O-Bed® come with an assembly instruction?

Can you go hiking with your Disc-O-Bed®?

Can you assemble the Disc-O-Bed® by yourself?

Does the Disc-O-Bed® have a center beam like most other cots on the market today?

Does the Disc-O-Bed® require a mattress?

Does the Disc-O-Bed® have a maximum weight capacity?

How do I know that the Disc-O-Bed® truly is as strong as you say it is?

Can you triple stack the Disc-O-Bed®?

What accessories are available for the Disc-O-Bed®?

Is Disc-O-Bed® available in any other colors or sizes?

Is Disc-O-Bed® available in a children version?

Will the bed end frame of the Disc-O-Bed® damage my wooden floor?

What is the size and weight of each single Disc-O-Bed® in a carry bag?

Can I register the warranty of my Disc-O-Bed®?

What is a “Proposition 65” warning?